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Suravi completed her Masters in management practices from Vedica Scholar's Programme and is currently a manager at a fintech firm. She has been involved in Model United Nations for about 6 years now, and she believes it has been, by far, one of the most interesting yet challenging experiences she has come to know. Beginning as a journalist for the International Press, she has been a part of various MUNS as an Executive Board member, delegate and as a journalist. She has also served as the Deputy Secretary General of the reputed Ravenshaw University Model United Nations in 2015 and 2016. Being an avid reader, she's a passionate follower of national affairs and has a major concern for gender issues. She believes that being a part of the Executive Board, it would be her duty to provide the committee the best of her knowledge for the three days and that delegates would be seen in this committee debating and resolving some of the world's most controversial and concerned issues.

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The former Deputy Secretary General of SNAMUN'18, Sheen is the perfect example of an exceptional leader, who with her limitless knowledge never misses the opportunity to present the delegates with an array of challenges. Her congenial and convivial nature has helped her become an ardent debater. Her sensitivity and knowledge with regard to current affairs make her one amongst the crowd.

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An avid reader, Akanksha takes keen interest in global affairs and international politics. Her meticulousness and promptitude along with a  decision making mind make her an ideal mentor. Her extensive knowledge on international relations adds a new dimension to the committee and provides an extraordinary experience to the delegates.