Model Code of Conduct

At SNAMUN’19, delegates are expected to comply with the Model Code of Conduct to ensure a civil and respectful work environment throughout the conference, similar to that of the diplomatic corps at the United Nations. Delegates who do not follow the Model Code of Conduct will forfeit their privileges to debate and vote. In serious disciplinary cases, delegates may be asked to leave the conference.

• Delegates must treat the other delegates, and members of the Organizing Committee with the highest level of courtesy and respect. The delegates must be professional in their speech, actions and appearance during the conference and display respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates.

• Diversity is a core value of the United Nations. Discrimination based on gender, colour, nationality, age, religion or disabilities is prohibited.

• Delegates must respect the property of the conference venue. Delegates will be financially responsible for any damage to the Conference venue that may result from their actions.

• Delegates are requested to wear their identification cards at all times to obtain access to all conference meetings and activities. Lost cards must be immediately reported to the Organising Committee.

• Delegates must dress in formal attire, traditional national dress or western business attire. Casual wear is not allowed.

• English shall be the official working language of the Conference.

• SNAMUN’19 committee sessions will begin on time as scheduled. All delegates must arrive at their assigned conference rooms at least ten minutes prior to the start of their meetings. The presence of all delegates at all committee meetings is essential for ensuring productive debate during the Conference and a successful outcome.

• During committee meetings, delegates will only be permitted to bring water into the conference room. Smoking is prohibited at all points of time during the course of the conference. Any delegate found in possession of alcohol or any other drugs will be barred from the conference.

• Delegates using medication must bring enough supplies for the duration of the conference. Please inform conference organisers in advance of any serious allergies or health problems.

• The Organising Committee is not responsible for delegates` personal possessions. Delegates are reminded to take care of their belongings.

• The Delegates availing the facility of accommodation with SNAMUN’19 will ensure at all times that the venue of the accommodation is kept in proper condition. Any and all damage to the accommodation venue will be charged to the defaulting delegates.

• SNAMUN’19 will not tolerate any instances of harassment, Discrimination, based on Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Caste, Creed, Religion, Nationality etc. Further if anyone feels that they have encountered Harassment, especially sexual, or Discrimination, resulting in a hostile working environment, is to report the incident to the MUN Director, Concerned Teacher In charge, Secretary General or any Member of the Secretariat, to which the MUN Director will take appropriate action after investigation.

• All Delegates are expected to have submitted their Position Papers before the deadline. Late Submissions will not be accepted by the Secretariat.


We hope that your SNAMUN’19 experience will be free from any hassles arising from any violations of the above-mentioned code of conduct.