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With years of experience on his back, Shayer Majumdar thrives in such committees by introducing timely yet unpredictable crises. With his knack for details, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Shayer has always advocated the importance of MUNs and their effectiveness at the institutional level. Incredibly knowledgeable, he eases his way through committee proceedings and brings out the best in a delegate and gets the most out of a committee even when things don’t seem bright. A person who is far from new to the Indian MUN Circuit, Shayer hopes for this to be a great experience.

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Yuelha is a second year Digital Culture Student at King’s College, London. She is an enthusiastic learner and a cooperative team worker. She has a strong work ethic and has proven to be efficient and diligent as an Executive Board member. One can always count on her for the most sincere, direct and honest advice. 

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An avid reader, Megan with her analytical abilities is always putting things into perception. A person true to her principles, Megan continuously questions even the most obvious things with her keen sense of philosophy. Her skills and level of commitment to a task make her an efficient Executive Board member.